What is a Park Model

  • A park model is a “unique trailer-type RV” that is intended for temporary living, under 400 sqft and built to the federal RV building code, ANSI A119.5

What is a Tiny Home

  • The term “Tiny Home” is more a marketing term than an technical description of a building type. When the term “Tiny Home” is being use it is in reference to a structure that is less than 600 sqft, either built on an chassis or skids and is used by people either downsizing or using the structure as a weekend getaway.

What is are GreenFLEX Structurally Insulated Panel (G-SIPS)

  • GreenFLEX Cement Structurally Insulated Panels(G-CSIPS) are a cost effective, efficient and high preforming building material which can be used for the entire building envelope of a residential or commercial structure.  G-CSIPS are made by pouring our proprietary GreenFLEX concrete mix over one of the highest quality expanded polystyrene’s (EPS) on the market, combining the lightweight insulative properties of the EPS with the economical, low maintenance, hammer tough, water/flame resistant properties of the GreenFLEX concrete. G-SIPS act as a structural I-beam by using a light, super-insulating foam core clad by structural facings on each side. This is a superior composite construction system that is stronger than stick framed construction with better insulation value, air tightness, and significantly reduced use of raw materials.

What is a Manufactured Home?

  • Manufactured Homes are over 400sqft, are built off site and transported to its final location and built to the HUD building codes which regulate the construction and quality of all aspects of building a manufactured home.

How long will it take to build my home?

  • The typical construction time is 60-90 days from initial deposit.

How do I buy a home?

  • The first step is to selection your floorplan and finishes, next the purchase agreements will be executed a 60% of the purchase price is due. This payment begins the construction cycle, 60-90 days from the payment the home will be built. At this point we encourage our customers to come see the unit and make their final 40% payment and arrange transport. All Orders are FOB Factory Salem, Oregon.