Our Mission:

Quality manufacturing of durable, energy efficient, plant-friendly building materials and living spaces.

Our History:

In 2016, we obtained the worldwide rights to all patents and exclusive distribution rights related to GreenFLEX. These include US & International Patents. Our predecessor was founded in 2011 and began production in 2012. Over 400 homes and a few commercial buildings have been built utilizing GreenFLEX. The initial demand for GreenFLEX was working housing in the North Dakota oil fields where GreenFLEX demonstrated its durability and insulative properties. In 2013, our predecessor moved into modular housing; site built panelized construction and tilt-up commercial construction. In 2018, we are working on approval to produce manufactured housing under the HUD program and are expanding into residential housing.

Our Team:

Ben A Goff, Chairman & CFO
Teresa L Goff, Board Member & Owner of Parent Company
Benjamin A Goff, CEO
Joseph B Babcock, President
Jim Miller, Consultant


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