Better, Stronger Concrete That Bends Like Plywood Instead Of Snapping Like Glass

Why Choose GreenFLEX™ Panels over traditional construction?

  • Water, Mold & Rot resistant CSIPS 

  • Surfaces cannot support or spread fire

  • Hammer-tough reinforced concrete skins

  • No siding or drywall needed 

  • Super insulated, no cold bridging

  • Economical & Recyclable

     GreenFLEX builds the world’s only prefabricated superinsulated concrete structures for the ultimate in durability. We’ve shipped hundreds of beds worth of units more than 1,500 miles from our factory to North Dakota, over some of the worst road and weather conditions imaginable.

     Ordinary concrete is cheap and plentiful, but not without it’s drawbacks. It’s brittle, breaking suddenly and catastrophically when overloaded. Its curing unleashes undesirable chemical by-products that are detrimental both cosmetically and structurally. It shrinks, cracks and leaks. It is highly alkaline, leading to attack of surface coatings and internal reinforcing over time. And it is one of the mot significant contributors to worldwide CO² emissions.

     GreenFLEX™ retains the strength generating compounds from ordinary concrete but replaces detrimental ones with a proprietary enhancement of powders, liquids and multi synthetic fibers to provide unprecedented long-term strength and durability.

     GreenFLEX™ bends like wood instead of snapping like glass.  GreenFLEX™ retains no trapped water, has fewer internal voids, greater resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, substantially reduced shrinkage, permeability and susceptibility to cracking.  GreenFLEX™ is so strong we can use much less of it, greatly reducing CO² footprint.