Portland ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) – Tiny Homes 

“Space! We need more space!”. “We need an office!”. “A Welcome Center to greet customers would be great!”. “A small retail shop is all I need!”. 20 Twenty SMI’s commercial customers turn small bits of real estate into low overhead businesses. Own or lease the land, drop in our building, put up a sign & open for business. Customization is available so no two businesses are alike. Want to relocate? Take the building with you.

Commercial Applications

(permanent or temporary)

  • Hospitality / Retail Shop
  • Tasting Room / Restaurant
  • Office / Office Pods
  • Food Kiosk
  • Workshop
  • Worker / Student Housing
  • Senior / Veteran Housing
  • Agriculture / Grow House
  • Bathroom / Laundry
  • Sleep Trailer (8 people max)
  • Low Income Housing
  • Customization Available

Call For a Quote:

(503) 588-6769

Additional Details

In Factory Construction

Delivered On Wooden Skids or Wheeled Chassis.

Occupancy In Days

Minimal Disruption To Site

Covered Decks And Lofts Optional

96 to 400 sq. ft.

Create Extra Space On Owned Or Leased Property