The most popular building trend that is currently emerging on the market is sustainable construction. This can mean a lot of things, but essentially it means that the home is constructed in such a way that it is more efficient, or has less of an environmental impact than that of a traditionally built home. Here at 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc., we build sustainable modular homes with size, building material, and power requirements in mind. In today’s blog post we are going to discuss sustainable construction, as well as its many benefits.

What Is Sustainable Construction?

As we just stated above, sustainable building is the collective effort of architects, engineers, and contractors to design and build a building in such a way that its environmental impact is minimal. While the largest benefit of housing solutions like green construction is their minimal environmental impact, they can also provide tremendous benefits to you, the consumer.

Environmental Benefits

We have said it twice, so why not three times. Sustainable building practices are done with the environment in mind, not the homeowner. By building the home in such a way that the environment is minimally impacted, ecosystems can thrive in their natural state — rather than having to adapt to your home being present. When someone chooses to purchase a home from sustainable modular home manufacturers like us, they are allowing for:

  • Ecosystems to maintain their natural processes
  • Improvements in local air quality
  • The reduction of waste paths
  • The conservation of water
  • The reduction of emissions

Economic Benefits

While owning a modular home that has a very minimal environmental impact sounds like a pretty awesome deal, the economic benefits should not be overlooked. When a home is built with a sustainable material like GreenFLEX it can reduce the amount of energy needed to regulate its inside environment. Being a proprietary mixture of concrete (and other things we cannot disclose), GreenFLEX has insulative properties, keeping your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Additionally, sustainably built homes can:

  • Lengthen the buildings life cycle
  • Reduce monthly utility and operating costs
  • Increase the home and property value

Social Benefits

Lastly, sustainably built alternative housing has social benefits. While you would typically not think that a home can provide social benefits, living in a sustainably built modular home can:

  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Reduce the strain on local traffic and infrastructure
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing environment

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At 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc. we understand the value and benefits that prebuilt, and sustainably sourced, modular homes can provide — and we hope that this blog post has been informative to you. As a company that is invested in the alternative housing and housing solutions industry, we believe that if more people lived in sustainably built homes that the environment would be in much better shape. If you are interested in making the switch to a sustainable modular home, we urge you to browse our site and contact us today.

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