In the past it was a common trend for someone to buy a larger home with each move, eventually retiring to the largest home that they could comfortably afford — but now the trend has turned. In the last decade, and arguably even sooner than that, something called the “tiny home movement” has begun to emerge. The tiny home movement is a trend where people of all ages are beginning to ditch their old houses for the simpler life of living in tiny houses.

In 2014, the United States Census Bureau reported that the average size of newly built homes was somewhere in the ballpark of 2,400 square feet. Why is this significant? Well, to put it simply — tiny homes average between 200 and 500 square feet in space.

At 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc. we manufacture tiny houses using sustainable construction techniques so that people can indulge themselves in this new movement. But what are the benefits of tiny homes that drive so many people to want to downsize?

Easy Maintenance & Low Cost

One of the greatest benefits of making the downsize to a tiny home is that they are extremely low maintenance. By living in a smaller place, it is low cost to fix damages, as well as less work to fix the damages. Making the switch to living in tiny houses means less time cleaning things, less time fixing things, and more time relaxing. Additionally, at 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc., we manufacture tiny houses that are constructed using green building techniques and green materials like GreenFLEX, our concrete insulated structural panels that provide both durable structural support and insulation — bringing us to our next point.

They Are Energy Efficient

Most tiny houses, including our tiny homes constructed using GreenFLEX concrete panels, are extremely energy efficient. Not only do they make a smaller impact on the environment, but they also can make a large impact on your wallet. Due to the size of tiny homes, they take less energy to heat, and less energy to cool off, cutting your utility bills in half. In addition to their size, the building materials used to build tiny homes can make a huge impact on their sustainability.

As we mentioned above, our tiny homes are constructed using our proprietary product, GreenFLEX insulated concrete panels. By utilizing a sustainable building material like GreenFLEX panels, you can expect to see even further saving on your heating and cooling costs — all while staying warmer in the winter and cooler summers.

Join The Tiny Home Trend Today

At 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc. we manufacture tiny homes for two reasons — tiny homes simply work better in some situations and locations, and they are energy efficient and low impact. Whether you are an employer that needs a modular housing location for your employees, or if you are an eco-warrior that is looking to make a smaller impact, a tiny home manufactured by our company would be perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Browse our floor plans and visualize a beautiful location for your new tiny home. If you have any questions about our tiny houses, be sure to contact us and ask!

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