Planning For Your New Tiny Home

Couples and families across the country (and the world) are joining the trend of downsizing their home size and living more sustainable lifestyles in tiny homes. Why though? For some, it is their attempt to lower their environmental footprint. For others, it is to live a more minimalist lifestyle. For others, it is simply that they want a cabin in the woods but don’t need 1,000-plus square feet of house sitting there empty while they are living in their primary home.

Regardless of the reason that you decide to live in a tiny home, we commend you — in fact, we would like to help you! As a manufacturer of sustainably constructed tiny homes, we here at 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing know a thing or two about tiny homes. Below, we have made a brief list of some of the considerations we feel are most important when making the leap to a tiny house.

Where Do You Want To Put Your Tiny Home?

Before you consider purchasing a tiny home, we strongly suggest that you find a location for it. For some families, it makes sense to buy a property in a rural area, while others wish to remain within city limits — both of which have their difficulties. When looking for a more rural property, consider the level of the ground, as well as the costs associated with leveling terrain. When you are looking for a property within city limits, or even to place a tiny home on your current property, be sure to check the zoning codes, as some zoning codes do not allow the addition of permanent tiny houses.

Plan For Your Tiny Home Utilities?

Almost as important as determining the location of your tiny home is to determine how the utilities will be affected by the location. If you are building on a city property, consider the costs associated with hooking the utilities up — as major infrastructure changes will have to be made. If you choose to find a more rural property, consider if there are already existing utility hookups, or if you would have to pay for the utility company to wire hookups to the property. While yes, in a tiny home the utilities will likely be cheaper than the single-family home you have moved from, it is important to consider the initial costs that will be necessary.

Let 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing In On Your Planning Process

When you are looking to purchase a tiny home it is important for you to work with the manufacturer of the home so that you are on the same page. While yes, we have given you a head start by telling you the two initial considerations that you should make, there are other decisions that must be made farther down the line. For example, what outdoor space will you have? What code standards to you have to comply with? What size will best fit for your family? How will you get the home to the location?

When you work with 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, all of these questions and more will be answered. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Contact us today!

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