FAQ About Tiny Homes

As we discussed in our last blog, tiny homes are trending — and they are showing no signs of going anywhere soon. Tiny homes are loved for a number of reasons. They are small, meaning they can be placed on smaller properties without feeling cramped. They are energy efficient, meaning that you will save a ton of money on the cost of utilities. And to top it off, they are low maintenance, meaning that you can spend more time doing the things that you love.

At 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc. we manufacture our Portland tiny homes using our traditional stick frame construction or our proprietary GreenFLEX structural insulated concrete panels. Our Portland Tiny Homes are durable, energy efficient, and can be relocated to just about any place that you might desire.

As well-loved as tiny homes are, a lot of people still have questions about tiny houses. Because of this, we have decided to answer a couple of the most common questions about tiny homes that we have heard over the last couple of years.

Q: Can you put Tiny Homes wherever you want?
A: For some odd reason, some larger cities have issues with zoning tiny homes that are not on permanent foundations. However, if a tiny home is to be placed on a permanent foundation it is considered by a city council to be a residential dwelling. If a tiny home is mobile, they are typically restricted to temporary properties like RV parks and camps sites. Unless however, you own the land and the zoning permits long-term dwelling.

Q: Are Tiny Homes sturdy?
A: There are a lot of people who wonder how the structural integrity of a tiny home might pale in comparison to a normal residential home. And the answer is — it depends. If a tiny home is properly built, it can be just as strong as suburban home, the only difference is the experience of the builder and the quality of the materials used. At 20 Twenty SMI, both our Edgewater Series and our GreenFlex homes have proven to be some of the most structurally sound tiny homes around.

Q: Can families live in Tiny Homes?
A: Yes! Just about anyone can live in a tiny home, the only difference is how willing the family is to make adjustments in their life. In addition to small families, tiny homes are an excellent place for couples and singles to live. In fact, tiny homes have become an affordable housing solution in many areas of the country.

Tiny Homes Are More Than A Trend
Some people think that tiny homes are a fad that with quickly fade away, but at 20 Twenty SMI, we are can assure you that tiny homes are here to stay. Our tiny homes, and others like them, are not just a trend for people that are wanting to downsize, they are also a real-world solution to overcrowding, homelessness, commuting, and skyrocketing home prices.

If you are interested in the tiny home revolution we urge you to visit our website and check out our various models of planet friendly, affordable homes. If you have any question, we urge you to contact us!