Our Process

‘Your home will be constructed with high quality industry materials. Our proven designs are personally tailored and appointed to suit you. All our homes are RVIA Certified and built to ANSI Code A119.5. Let’s get started…..


1. Call to make an appointment to tour our facility and witness our construction standards and quality. Tours are given Friday through Sunday and are by appointment only.

2. Determine what size home you would like (Tiny Home or Park Model) and develop a budget. One of the primary factors for this is what your building department allows on your property and how the home will be utilized. Contact your local Building Code Department and make sure you’re in compliance with your area.

3. Select a floorplan and make design selections. Our 20 TWENTY Design Associates will assist you and can also send information to you digitally. We can make minor adjustments to our existing floorplans to create a home unique to your needs. Significant changes require new CAD production drawings and may incur a fee. We will provide one (1) significant redrafting at no charge. Thereafter, a $500 CAD fee will be charged with each new drawing. This fee will be agreed to in advance and payable even if a home is not ordered. To create a completely new park model/tiny home’s floorplan a $2,000 non-refundable fee will be charged. In order to meet production schedules, we do not install customer provided inventory. Although, we can deduct for inventory a customer prefers to purchase themselves and install onsite.

4. During the design process it is possible to reserve your spot in line. Our production schedule is planned in advance so reserving your unit’s build date is an important step to ensure your home is available when you need it to be. It’s possible to reserve a production time slot without final selections and a full deposit. To reserve, we require a $2,000.00 Earnest Payment that will apply toward the purchase of your unit. In the event the order is not placed, a portion of the Earnest Payment may be refundable subject to the timing and circumstances. Earnest Payments are not refundable during the 30 day window prior to the reserved start date.

5. Once your park model/tiny home’s floor plan and design selections have been made, a detailed quote will be provided for your signature. We pride ourselves on identifying the total cost up front. We also line item the cost of every choice so you can make a completely informed decision on your home. Some customization requests may be shown as allowances because we cannot readily determine the actual cost. In these cases, the amount shown is an allowance only and extra charges will be discussed prior to inventory purchase.

6. The initial deposit of 60% of the purchase price is due at least 30 days prior to your build start date. The balance of 40% is due upon completion. The final payment terms are “FOB Factory” which means full payment is expected at the factory prior to release of the unit and the buyer is responsible for transport and onsite set up. There are companies that specialize in these services and your 20 TWENTY SMI associate can offer suggestions to coordinate this process.

7. When your quote is approved and the deposit is accepted, we will provide an approximate time frame for delivery (we do not guarantee build dates or delivery dates, but we usually meet build schedules of 8-12 weeks).

8. A change AFTER you have signed off on the park model/tiny home’s floor plan is considered a change order. If possible, we will accommodate the change. The fees are $75 for administration of each change order + the cost of the modification. Significant changes may incur additional charges for CAD time or production interruptions. To take effect, Change Orders must be approved by your signature.

9. Once your home is complete, we encourage you to come to the factory for a walk through. During this time, all questions or issues will be discussed and resolved prior to the unit departing the facility. Once the final invoice is paid, the transporter can pick up the unit for delivery to your home site. If requested, 20 TWENTY SMI will help coordinate transport. If you’re unsure about your site, please ask your 20 TWENTY SMI contact person and the transport company for guidance. Access to the site is the buyer’s responsibility. If for any reason the transport driver cannot gain access to the site and deliver the unit, there may be additional charges. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure the site is ready and easily accessible. Again, confer with 20 TWENTY SMI and the transport company to avoid unexpected costs.