Welcome to 20 Twenty SMI!

Hello, and welcome to the first blog on our newly redesigned green construction website. In today’s blog post we are going to briefly introduce ourselves as a company, as well as touch on what our company does, and why we do it.

About Our Company
If you have found our site, but do not know who we are, let us introduce ourselves. At 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc. we manufacture prefab homes and buildings while employing green construction practices. Our mission is to build living spaces that are high-quality, energy efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Our green building designs vary in size and space, with both factory-built homes and tilt-up single family homes being constructed, but what is most exciting is what we may be able to do with our technology in the future. Our low-cost, high-yield sustainable constructions systems are more than just a way to efficiently build structures, it’s a potential large-scale future housing solution.

We also hold worldwide patents and distribution rights for GreenFLEX, our super-insulated concrete panels. To date,  over 400 buildings with GreenFLEX technology have been produced and show no signs of slowing down.

What We Manufacture
We manufacture living spaces by using sustainable building materials, but what types of buildings do we construct:

Prefabricated Homes
One of the primary types of buildings that we manufacture are prefabricated homes built on chassis frames. This provides immediate occupancy solutions – roll the home on-site, connect utilities & move in within days. Our homes range in size from towable “tiny” homes to 400 sq ft Park Models with decks and our sustainably built buildings are designed to be both stylish and efficient — they can also be built with fire-resistant material. Our prefabricated homes are also compliant with the regulations of almost all states. To view some of the floorplans that we offer, click here.

Residential Homes
While we got our start building Park Model homes, our sustainable construction material, GreenFLEX, can also be utilized in the construction of single-family homes as well. Our concrete building techniques for larger homes consist of prefabricated GreenFLEX concrete panels being assembled with tilt-up construction. To take a look at what the building process looks like, click here.

Commercial Buildings
In addition to residential tilt-up construction and modular or prefabricated buildings, our services are also often enlisted to build commercial structures. From grow houses and laboratories to worker housing and offices – our sustainable designs can do it all.

20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc. Your Source for Green Building
Thanks for tuning into our blog and learning a little bit more about our sustainable building and prefab homes. At 20 Twenty Sustainable Manufacturing, Inc., we believe that green construction is the path to a better future. If you are interested in learning more about our buildings, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit our site or contact us to ask. We look forward to working with you!